Use of Force Policy Changes

Use of Force Policy Changes

What is a use of force policy?

The use of force is amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject. Police officers should use only the amount of force necessary to bring an incident under control, make an arrest, or protect themselves or others. A comprehensive use of force policy aids officers in determining the appropriate level of force for a given situation.

While the Shreveport Police department has always had a use of force policy, these changes will further clarify what is and is not appropriate uses of force.

What does it change?

The Shreveport Police Department has revised its use of force policy. Mayor Adrian Perkins is issuing an executive order that bans the use of strangle and chokeholds except when required to save a life. Changes to the use of force policy include amendments to the duty to intervene and medical treatment sections.

The duty to intervene policy requires officers "to prevent or stop the use of excessive force" by other officers, as well as any use of force that is "contrary to or inconsistent with the training of the Shreveport Police Department."

The medical treatment policy requires officers to render appropriate medical care to anyone who has "visible injuries, complains of being injured, or requests medical attention."

The Commission on Race is a diverse group of community leaders. They have been asked to review the amended use of force policy, visit SPD's training academy, and provide feedback to the administration.

How do these changes improve our police department?

These changes further clarify the duty and responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of Shreveport by outlining expectations surrounding the use of force, ethical behavior, and medical treatment.

The changes also invite more citizen participation. Please click here to review use of force policy.

View the full Use of Force Policy by clicking here.