Open Dialogue Initiative

Open Dialogue Initiative

What is it?

If there are improvements the Shreveport Police Department can make to our service, we welcome that input. The Open Dialogue initiative provides citizens with a platform to share their ideas and voice their concerns. It grants the public greater access to the Shreveport Police Department leadership

This dialogue will come in the form of meetings that citizens can prompt. If they would like Shreveport Police leadership to come to their church or sit at their dinner table and have a conversation, Shreveport Police is committed to those discussions.

What does it change?

Instead of having "town halls", we would like to encourage the public to organize and invite us to discussions - whether it's at your church, soccer game, podcast or at the dinner table.

We hope to reach more in this effort than we would in a typical "town hall" setting, especially youth who may have questions, concerns, or misconceptions.

How will it improve our police department?

The Open Dialogue Initiative effectuates open, honest, and cooperative dialogue between department leadership, officers, and citizens that will promote change, build trust, and improve relations between officers and the citizens they serve.

The Shreveport Police Department wants to have long-form dialogue, rather than offer presentations or provide soundbites through the media. We want to answer your questions and address your concerns, as well as gather input from citizens about how we can improve our city and our department. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know the officer behind the badge. The Open Dialogue Initiative is about building relationships.

If you would like to schedule a dialogue please email