Body and Dash Camera Initiative

Body Camera Initiative

What is it?

A body camera is a camera worn on the police officer's person that records audio and video. This initiative will provide every officer in the field with a body camera.

What does it change?

Body cameras have been an unfunded need of the Shreveport Police Department for years. Currently, we only have enough body cameras to outfit a small fraction of our officers. This initiative will identify the funding needed to provide every officer with a body camera. We are currently working to identify federal funds, grant money, and private donors who are willing to aid the City of Shreveport with this purchase.

How will it improve our police department?

In the 21st Century, neither the public nor police officers should have to rely on cell phone footage captured by an innocent bystander to determine exactly what happened on the scene. This initiative will ensure that every officer is outfitted with a front-facing body camera.